strategic plunger placement

Quackshot: Starring Donald Duck

June 25, 2009

Sega 1991

Sega 1991

Donald is browsing Uncle Scrooge’s library when he stumbles on a treasure map.   In an effort to impress his lady, he throws on some Indiana Jones garb and hops a plane with Huey, Dewey, and Louie to find it.  Little does he know, Big Bad Pete is on his trail.


Locales: Lots of travel, including everything from Transylvania to a haunted Viking ship.  It adds variety to what could have been a monotonous game.

Non-Linear: Unlike most side-scrolling platform games, this one gives you some power over your path.  You are free to choose where to go, although you may have to do some backtracking to proceed at certain points.

Weapon Upgrades: Donald’s main weapon is a plunger gun with popcorn and bubble gum ammo as backup.  Did you really expect Donald to kill people?  You do get the chance to add different types of plungers to your arsenal to change up the gameplay.

Angry Duck: Anyone who’s seen a Donald Duck cartoon knows the dude has rage issues.  If you eat enough hot peppers in the game you can send him into a invincible fury.  Sort of like grabbing a star in Mario, only instead of a flashing Italian it’s a pants-less duck with pinwheel fists. duck003

Boss Fights: Each level has it’s own boss and each boss increases in difficulty as you proceed.  If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know I’m a big fan of the boss battle.  Classic gaming at it’s best.


Controls:Precision is not the strong suit of this game. You will probably miss some jumps because of the poor controls.

Sound Effects:Basically there aren’t any. You get the background music and not much else.

strategic plunger placement

strategic plunger placement

Difficulty: I realize that it’s a game based on a Disney character and therefore targeted to children, but they still could have ramped it up a bit.  Not much of challenge to get through this one.


Daisy Duck: Donald can do better than a duck that only loves him when given jewels.

Quackshot is a solid 2-D platformer for the Genesis.  It doesn’t push any boundaries, but it works the genre conventions well.  It’s a fun little game with a nice, bright design.  Definitely worth a playthrough, but it’s quick and doesn’t offer much in the replay department.

Verdict: Borrow

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