Review Format

At Vidgama we don’t believe in assigning an arbitrary number to a game – games are more complex than that and deserve a better scale.  We decided to approach the reviews based on how much gameplay enjoyment you’re likely to get out of a title.  In each review we list the things we think work perfectly (keep), the things that need tweaked (change) and the stuff that drags the game down (cut).  Our scores are based on how much time we think you’ll get out of a title.

Console / PC Games

Must Own

This is a title that you’ll either play everyday for a year or re-visit regularly.

Ebay It

This game is worth owning just not at retail.  Hold off and grab it later when the price drops and enjoy a few solid months of gameplay.


This title is definitely worth checking out but only has about a week of  playability in it – beat it and return it.

Drunk Rental

Similar to the drunk dial, this is a title you’d be embarrassed to rent sober – but with a bit of liquid courage in you, it’s game-on.


This title has a certain appeal but you don’t want to pay for it – good thing a buddy picked it up.  Just borrow his copy when he’s not looking.


Don’t make eye contact or you may be drawn into it’s manipulative grasp like a psycho ex, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Seek & Destroy

These titles are a scourge on the earth, hunt them down and burn any copy you can find.

Mobile / Tablet Games

It’s a little bit impossible to rent a game for your phone, so we have some different terminology for mobile device games. In addition to Must Buy, Avoid, and Seek & Destroy, we have:


Wait for an app deal of the day, Play store sale, App store sale, or whatever – it’s a good game, just don’t pay full asking price.