Treasure 1993

Gunstar Heroes

July 9, 2009

Treasure 1993

Treasure 1993

The planet of Gunstar 9 is in peril.   An evil bastard has stolen 4 gems and is going to use them to destroy the planet unless we stop him.  I think.  It’s really not important.  We don’t play side- scrolling shooters for the plot.


Action Packed: This game goes balls-out from the word go.  It’s fast and frantic with tons of explosions and enemies on the screen.  The action isn’t just relegated to your guns either, you can body slam enemies or throw your partner into them for maximum damage.  The partner is unharmed of course.

Co-Op: This game is a lot of fun solo, but just like Contra, it’s better to run-and-gun with a friend.

gunstar-heroes-boss-fightBosses: The boss fights are diverse and difficult.  Each is incredibly detalied and requires varying techniques to beat.

Weapons: Four basic weapons exist in the game.  You get two to start with and can switch between them at any time.  During the game guns combine to make a new types of weapons, like a homing laser.

Variety: The beginning levels can be played in any order, and they all offer different gameplay.  There’s the standard side-scrolling, but also vertical scrolling, and vehicle-type shooting.  There’s even a space shooter level thrown in.

gunstar-heroes-genesisGraphics: This might be the best looking game I’ve played for the Genesis.  The colors are bright and vibrant, the background work is just incredible and the amount of stuff happening simultaneously on screen is amazing considering the creators had only 16-bits to work with.


Length: Much too short.  The game is too enjoyable to end so soon.


The dice level: I don’t want to spoil the plot, but whoever decided that the action would pause for a board game in the midst of all the mayhem is an idiot.

I’m probably not doing Gunstar Heroes justice with my lengthy review.  I can sum it up in one word: AWESOME!  It really is one of the best side-scrollers I’ve ever played.  If it was longer, it would be perfect.  But it’s still a blast to play and co-op mode makes it a good option to break out with a friend.  Now that’s been re-released on all the current gen consoles there’s no reason not to check it out.

Verdict: Ebay it

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