BioWare Bazaar

April 1, 2010

BioWare has created an online auction to win cool BioWare themed prizes.  All you need are a Twitter account and a BioWare Social Account to get started.  Check out the BioWare Social website to learn all the rules.

Essentially all you need to do is answer the questions as the appear from @Biofeed in twitter.  No right or wrong answer – just use your own creative inspiration.  Include #BioWareBazaar and #MassEffect/#DragonAge/#BioWare in your responses.

You can also gain bonus tokens by registering your Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins games or by getting a 100% on the quizzes that BioWare offers.  You also gain 1000 tokens by setting up your BioWare social profile and another 500 tokens if you ever uploaded a Dragon Age character.  You can read all the details on how all this works at the BioWare Social Site.

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