Why yes, I do have a monster in my pocket.

Monster in My Pocket

May 21, 2009

Why yes, I do have a monster in my pocket.

Why yes, I do have a monster in my pocket.

When the Monster in My Pocket toys came out in the early 90s, I should have been the target audience, but somehow I missed out. Too busy playing with my Thundercats I guess. So approaching the storyline for the first time, it seems that all the world’s monsters have shrunk. The good ones moved into a house with a teenager and the bads ones (led by Warlock) are out to cause trouble. Collect them all!

The NES game follows the comics’ plot loosely. Monster and Vampire are hanging out watching some TV when Warlock comes on and ruins their day. He informs them that he’s dispatched his henchmen and blah blah blah, you get the point.


Co-op Mode: Beating up waves of monsters is always more fun with a friend.

The show sucks.

This channel sucks.

Enemy Variety: There are a lot of different enemies in the game and most of them have their own unique attack. Your run of the mill ghosts, goblins and zombies all make an appearance but the real treat comes from the lesser used entities like Cerberus or Windingo.
Visuals: The levels are well designed and varied.
Most of the sprites are easily recognizable and the color scheme works nicely.


Length: This game is crazy short even by NES standards. There are 7 levels but each level takes about 5 minutes to beat.
Character Choice II like that you’re given a choice to play as Frankenstein or Dracula (oops I mean “Monster” or “Vampire”), but I would prefer some more playable characters thrown into the mix.  Quite a few in the toy line could have been used.  Mummy with bandage power would have been awesome.

Insert "screwed" joke

Insert “screwed” joke

Sub-Bosses: I’m all about sub-boss fights but let’s make things interesting. The only thing that makes the bosses different than the standard bad guys is the amount of hits to kill them.
Controls: Punch or Jump? That’s it.  Each monster should have had a special ability.


Soundtrack: Why does a game based on monsters have such a cheerful soundtrack?  There is also a noticeable lack of sound effects.

Sometimes you can combine a popular comic/toy/cartoon fad with a video game and the results are great (see TMNT: The Arcade Game).  But most of the time you end up with something resembling Monster in My Pocket–punching and jumping your way through without any real challenge or reward.  It’s not a terrible game; it’s just not substantial in any way.

Verdict: Borrow

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